How to Take Care of Your Feet if You Work While Standing

For those who stand most of the day while working, foot pain is common. However, there are things you can do to alleviate pain. The type of shoes you wear have a big impact on their wearability. Shoes should have enough space so that toes can move freely. Shoes like open-back heels and sandals are not very supportive and can be bad for feet. Women should also avoid high heels. Shoes should also support the arch, and if not, custom made orthotics can be designed by a podiatrist that can. Athletic shoes generally offer more support and are a good

Taking Care of Minor Foot Wounds In Diabetics

A major problem among those who suffer from diabetes is poor blood circulation and nerve damage. This can lead to diabetics developing foot ulcers that don’t heal properly or quickly. This can lead to amputation if the wound becomes too infected. The first step is to keep the diabetes in check by observing blood glucose levels and staying healthy. Inspecting the foot daily is important  because nerve damage can prevent a diabetic from realizing they have an ulcer. Foot inspections can help diabetics discover a wound early so they can alert a podiatrist. If there is a wound, diabetics should

Causes, Diagnosis, and Management for Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is a common condition among athletes in which inflammation occurs in the sesamoid bones in the feet. These bones, whose main function is to assist foot tendons in the movement of the big toe, can be injured either through athletic activity, such as dancing or running, or improper footwear like high heels. Symptoms include pain and inflammation, which can worsen with activities like walking. Diagnosis of sesamoiditis is conducted through bone scans or MRIs. The best way in which one can help manage sesamoiditis is by seeing a podiatrist, who may prescribe physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, and rest to

Choosing the Right Running Shoe for Your Foot Type

Running may seem like a simple to do. However, running is actually a complex movement that puts stress on the ligaments, bones, and joints of the body. Selecting the correct running shoe is important for increasing performance and avoiding risk of injury. Running shoes should be selected based on your foot type. Considerations such as trail versus road shoes are important. Your foot type dictates the degree of cushioning, stability and motion control you require. The most accurate way to learn your foot type is to visit a local shop that specializes in running shoes. Professionals can measure your arch

Sports Related Foot And Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common among people who participate in sports. Several factors contribute to this. They include failing to stretch or warm up properly, not wearing the proper type of shoe and not taping or providing other types of support for the ankle or foot. The most common foot and ankle injuries suffered by people involved in sports are plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and Achilles tendon damage or ruptures. If not treated properly, they can lead to permanent disability. Treating these injuries is relatively simple if they are identified and addressed early. Many athletes dismiss the initial aches