Affecting about 20-30% of the population, flat feet is a condition in which the foot’s arch either drops or never develops. The condition is relatively common in babies and small children as a result of the arch not developing. Adults can develop flat feet as a result of injury or pregnancy due to increased elasticity. However, in adults it is usually a permanent condition.

Fallen arches can also make walking difficult since it places undue stress on the ankles. This stress throws off the general alignment of the legs since it causes the ankles to move inward, leading to discomfort. This can also affect the knees since arthritis is a common condition in that area. Fortunately, in many cases flat feet do not directly cause any pain.

When it comes to runners, there are specific shoes that can help realign the ankles and provide more support while lessening the amount of pronation involved. Running often causes weight shifting very quickly, so it’s important to be informed whether or not you are affected by flat feet.

Working with your physician at Tri County Foot and Ankle to identify the cause and treatment for this condition can provide comfort and relief from the pain that is often associated with this condition.

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