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Diagnoses & Treatments

Proper podiatric care begins with an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of your foot and ankle conditions.

From a simple ankle sprain to a more complex condition which may require a surgical procedure, partnering with a trained and experienced podiatrist can be the difference between a quick recovery or one that is misdiagnosed, requiring multiple visits.

With our office serving The Villages® population and surrounding communities, our patients range from the young athlete to the active senior and nearly everything in-between. Our goal is to provide exceptional diagnoses and treatments for the entire age spectrum – those who are active and those who are less so.

We also put a high priority on our diabetic patients and quickly identifying any extenuating symptoms which can lead to greater complications including amputation of toes or the foot.

Here are some of our most common diagnoses and treatments we provide:

Additionally, you will find numerous patient testimonial videos which cover a wide array of conditions, diagnoses and treatments.