Tri County Foot & Ankle believes in a proactive approach to general foot care. When was the last time you took a good look at your feet? Your toes, between your toes, the sole and heel. Whether it is the shoes (or flip flops) you’re wearing, early signs of athlete’s foot, to how you trim your nails or apply lotion to your feet, being in-the-know can make all the difference.

Everything from our weight to diet, exercise and stretching, our occupation, the foot wear required or favored for that occupation (or hobby), all make a difference in how much “mileage” we will get out of our feet.

However, even the most diligent approach to foot care may still leave a person in need of podiatric medical attention which is why we offer two offices serving Lake County, Sumter County and Marion County areas, particularly our active seniors throughout The Villages.

In this video, several members of the Tri County Foot and Ankle medical staff – including doctors Warshaw, Wu and Wassell – share some insight and tips to help you keep your feet in shape!. This YouTube playlist has multiple videos designed to help our patients learn more about specific care and conditions, including some patient testimonials. If you would prefer watching our videos directly on YouTube, click here to be directed to the site.

Tip Top Toes

Stable Steps

If The Shoe Fits