ingrown toenail

If you’ve ever experienced the pain and discomfort at the tip of your shoe while you walk or run, chances are you have an ingrown toenail. The condition of Ingrown toenails is caused when a toenail grows sideways into the bed of the nail, causing pain and swelling. The nail can sometimes exacerbate and become infected, creating serious drainage.

There are many risk factors that can predispose a person to this common condition. Cutting your nails too short, participating in sports, diabetes, being overweight, or having a fungal infection of the toe can all cause an ingrown toenail. The condition can often be related to genetics, as many people are genetically predisposed to ingrown nails. More often than not, the problem can arise from wearing ill-fitting shoes or from shoes that keep the feet slightly damp.

There are many quick treatments available for ingrown toenails that can lessen pain and have you walking with comfort. If your pain is so severe that it keeps you from everyday activities, however, a visit one of our Tri County Foot & Ankle doctors at one of our two offices in The Villages.

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“And voilà, I can walk again.”

Villages resident David Vanderwall originally visited the Tri-County Foot and Ankle office for ingrown toenails. But since he also suffered from chronic foot pain – from being on his feet all day at work – Dr. Johnny Wu also prescribed him special shoes that allow him to continue his active lifestyle.